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OSRAM LEDriving VX500 is a compact yet very powerful LED lightbar! Osram's unique optics based on LFR (LED Facing Reflector) technology means that all light from the LED is thrown length-wise forward, with no stray light near the car. This little light bar shines an impressive 830 meters at 0,25 lux or 415 meters at 1 lux.

OSRAM VX500 is only 35 mm high, so it is perfect for recessing and mounting in a grill or front bumper. With a luminous flux of 6000 raw lumens and a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin, it is a small but surprisingly strong light cannon.

If you are looking for a compact and discreet LED lightbar, with highest quality and a focused light, the OSRAM VX500 is the right choice!

VX single row series has mounting feet both on the sides and sliding feet mounts underneath / backside of the light bar so practically fits in any mounting plate or clam mounts.

Power consumption: 63W
Raw lumen: 6000
Effective lumen: 2800
Light distance: 415m @ 1 lux (830m @ 0,25 lux)
Kelvin: 6000
Voltage: 9-32V
Rating: IP67
Contact: loose wires
Width: 526 mm
Depth: 67 mm
Height: 35 mm
Lens: Gravel resistant polycarbonate
The lamp housing is made of powder-coated aluminum of the 6061 type.
Patented optics

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