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6 rása aukarafkerfi með relay og öryggjum, 12V

6 rása aukarafkerfi með relay og öryggjum, 12V


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Fitting electrical accessories to a vehicle can be time consuming work.  Finding space to mount relays and fuses in a modern vehicle engine bay is a challenge for fitters.  And the end result are multiple power cables connected to the crowded battery positive terminal, multiple drilling in the engine bay to mount different looking relays and fuses, and various messy cables running between the relays and fuses.
To solve those issues ARB are pleased to introduce the 6 CHANNEL FUSED RELAY BOX to our product range.


The relay box acts like a 12V power distribution hub and provides 6 output channels. Once the relay box high current cable is connected to the battery, the power connection of any load (e.g., lights) involves only one cable from the load to the screw terminal of the box. 
The rated current on each channel is 20A and the rated total output current of the relay box is 60A. Each channel has its own standard blade fuse for overload protection and a 30A automotive relay for turning on and off the power. There is also built-in over temperature protection.  A top lid protects the wiring within a compact flame-retardant enclosure.  A quick connect cable simplifies LINX installation with pre-terminated direct connection to all 6 x LINX Switchboard outputs, as well as 2 x LINX inputs for convenient under bonnet connections to low beam and high beam.  
Retail box includes the following Items:

  • 1 x relay box (160mm x 93.7mm x 84.3mm)
  • a selection of pre-installed blade fuses (3 x 20A, 2 x 10A and 1 x 5A)
  • 6 x 30A rated relay pre-installed
  • 1 x pre-terminated quick connect cable
  • 1x 3m extension cable with braided cable sleeve
  • 10 x cable ties
  • 2 x M6 x 20mm hex flanged screws and M6 locking hex nuts
  • User manual
For OUTPUTS, we recommend to use a wire gauge suitable for the load’s current draw and length of wire – for 20A loads, 12AWG (1m) and 10AWG (2m).
If using LINX, use the SWITCHBOARD OUTPUTS (Terminals No. C3~D3) to control the relays
If using MECHANICAL SWITCHES, feed +12V signals to control the relays

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