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BASERACK Drullutjakksfestingar

BASERACK Drullutjakksfestingar


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The BASE Rack takes accessories and cargo loading to a whole new level of simplicity, speed and personalisation. With a choice of sizes, accessories and attachments, you can truly Make It Your Own. By incorporating a dovetail extrusion around both the full perimeter and along each edge of the internal beams, the BASE Rack provides endless mounting and attachment options. Adding, removing and repositioning accessories and roof loads is quick and easy with the BASE Rack's dovetail system, making it easier to install and remove individual items without disturbing the whole load. Plus, unlike traditional roof rack channels, the BASE Rack dovetail extrusion won't collect dust and debris. Each BASE Rack accessory or fixture attaches to the rack with a simple clamp mount, including larger hardware such as Hi-Lift Jack mounts, rollers, recovery boards and even a BASE Rack custom light bar. ;

Features & Benefits

  • Allows Easy Fitment Of Farm Jack Onto The Base Rack
  • Mounts The Farm Jack To Bracket With Forged Eye Nuts
  • Rubber Handle Keeper Included
  • Made From Strong Corrosion-Resistant Steel
  • Can Attach To The Dovetail Track Anywhere On The Perimeter
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