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Bushranger Teigjuspotti

Bushranger Teigjuspotti


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9m Teigjuspotti frá Bushranger, splæstur í báða enda

Perfect for vehicle recoveries in soft or loose terrain such as snow, sand and mud. The Super Stretchy Rope utilises kinetic force to get you out of trouble. Possessing the ability to elongate by approximately 30%, the added elongation allows for a greater-build up of kinetic energy resulting in a substantial pulling force when getting your vehicle out of trouble.

Manufactured from a flexible and strong woven nylon 66 construction and with a pulling capacity rated up to 12,000kg it is ideal for larger 4×4 vehicles. Offering the added benefits of less stress and less shock on your vehicle, the Bushranger Super Stretchy Rope is an essential addition to your recovery kit.


  • 12,000kg rated capacity
  • Elongates by approximately 30% of it’s length
  • Flexible and strong woven nylon 66 construction
  • Durable vinyl polymer coated loop eyes
  • Sliding protective sleeve to shield rope from abrasions and damage
  • Tie straps with velcro to secure rope for storage
  • Included storage/carry bag that can be used to transport the Super Stretchy Rope or act as a recovery damper


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