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Overland Vehicle Systems 6.25"Spilblökk

Overland Vehicle Systems 6.25"Spilblökk


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The Overland Vehicle Systems Recovery Ring is designed to make recovery safer, faster and more reliable. Its unique design is manufactured out of T6 6061 Aircraft Grade aluminum which won’t rust or corrode. This simple recovery tool used in conjunction with a soft shackle replaces the traditional snatch blocks and operates at a much higher working load which makes recovery safer and easier. This unique system is safer than the outdated snatch blocks because it doesn’t store kinetic energy like traditional rigging which could be catastrophic if a failure occurs. The Overland Vehicle Systems Recovery Ring is the safer way to do off road recovery. This heavy duty recovery ring is designed for use with soft shackle and can be used with any standard tow strap. The 6.25" ring has a 45,000 lb. breaking strength and is perfect for any off road vehicle. Whether you're stuck in the mud or need to pull a vehicle out of a ditch, the Overland Vehicle Systems Recovery Ring is the perfect solution. Order yours today and be prepared for anything the trail throws your way.


Manufactured out of T6 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

45,000 lb. breaking strength

50% stronger than traditional snatch blocks

Weighing 3.7 lbs. makes this 50% lighter than traditional rigging

Comes with storage bag with quick cinch

Limited lifetime warranty




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