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Vision X 120° Vinnuljós/Flóðljós

Vision X 120° Vinnuljós/Flóðljós


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Vision X Utility 32 light is a small but efficient LED lamp assembly for example in narrow and small spaces, or as a reversing light for all types of vehicles. With a 120° spread ligt pattern Utility 32 gives of a very wide beam pattern.

Ideal for mounting on machinery, trucks, trailers, etc. where the width of the beam pattern is a priority and not the length. Utility 32 can also be installed on engine compartments on trucks, boats and working light on the side of the vehicle. Despite its very small sixe Utility 32 gives you 500 raw lumens.

Lamp housing: Durable aluminum
Height adjustment: 90° height adjustment built into the bracket
Easy installation with only + & - cables
Contact: Deutsch connector
Voltage: 12-32V
Robust weather applications
Power consumption: 0.5 Amp at 12V
Rating: IP68
Vibration Rating: 8.6 Grms
Operating temperature range: -40° C - +50° C
Height: 48 mm (without bracket)
Width: 89 mm (without bracket)
Depth: 23 mm
LED: 32pcs.
Watts: 6
Raw lumens: 500
Effective lumens: 456
Light pattern: 120° (Wide flood)

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